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At Burris Law Offices, in Minneapolis, we represent people throughout Minnesota who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender in a wide variety of legal issues. We understand the discrimination our clients face every day. We are here to provide a welcoming environment to all people who have a legal need.

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Gay Marriage/Gay Divorce

Experienced Gay Rights lawyer, Jonathan Burris looks forward to helping secure your right to marriage equality. He can also help you should you need to dissolve your marriage.

Life And Estate Planning

Burris Law Offices, PLLC, can help you protect your spouse and other loved ones by preserving your assets through the use of estate planning tools. Our firm can help you create living wills, living trusts, wills, powers of attorney, partnership agreements, pre-marital agreements and transfer-on-death-deeds.

Estate and Trust Administration

Burris Law Offices, PLLC, has decades of experience handling estate and trust administration for the LGBTQA. The Burris Law Offices work hard to complete estate and trust administrations efficiently, fairly and, cost-effectively, and perhaps most importantly, humanely.

Real Estate Transactions

Over the years, our firm has handled hundreds of residential and commercial real estate transactions. We can assist you by drafting Quitclaim Deeds, contracts- for-deed, purchase agreements, easements, covenants and other documents involving land transfers. We strive to save money, time and hassle as you buy and sell commercial and residential properties.

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From our law firm in Minneapolis, we represent clients throughout Minnesota in gay marriage, estate planning and real estate matters. We welcome clients from all sexual orientations, and are deeply committed to protecting their rights and interests. Call us at 612-208-7926 to obtain a no charge initial consultation to discuss your legal concern.