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The Challenges Of Adoption

Even with landmark decisions in recent years, same-sex couples often face an uneven legal environment when seeking to adopt a child. Many countries, for example, still disqualify same-sex couples, making international adoption an impossibility.

For more than 30 years, attorney Jonathan Burris has fought to ensure members of the LGBTQA community have a strong voice in the courtroom. From the heartbreak of divorce to the joy of building a family, our firm is prepared to represent clients in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.

A Variety Of Options

Whether you are seeking a closed or open adoption, there are numerous options based on your unique situation.

  • Second parent adoption
  • Foster care adoption
  • Infant adoption
  • Independent adoption
  • International adoption

The prospect of LGBTAQ adoption can be intimidating for many people. Most people are unsure of what steps to take first and are frightened to make an incorrect decision. From our Minneapolis office, our firm can provide the answers and guidance you need. As a reputable and recognized legal resource, Jonathan Burris understands the issues facing the LGBTQA community. His empathy and understanding stems from having faced the same types of issues personally, professionally and as a gay rights advocate for decades.

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At Burris Law Offices, PLLC, we welcome clients from all sexual orientations, and are deeply committed to protecting their rights and interests. If you are considering adoption, we encourage you to schedule a no charge initial consultation by calling a lawyer at 612-208-7926, or by emailing us through our website.